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Top 5 Bands I Found In 2012 That You Should Look Out For In 2013



I don’t really like comparing bands, but these guys reminded me of WU LYF when I first heard the ‘Delicious EP’, which was released in September 2012…and I bloody love WU LYF. (RIP). Anyway, I’d seen the bands name dotted about NME and checked them out, and I liked what I was hearing. Favourite song is probably ‘Bloodshake’. They toured late last year, and came to Newcastle but I was away so didn’t get a chance to see them- hopefully I’ll catch them live sometime soon. They’ve already caught a lot of people’s attention, so I reckon 2013 will be a great year for them. 




Dublin 4-piece, Funeral Suits, released their album ‘Lily of the Valley’ in June 2012, but I didn’t discover the band until August 2012, at Leeds Festival. A friend of mine wanted to see them, so keeping an open mind and ready to find new music- I went along, and I wasn’t disappointed. They were probably actually one of my favourite bands of the weekend, and so I went home and listened to the album- which is bloody good. They’re off on a European tour this month, but hopefully they’ll do another UK tour later this year so that I’ll get the chance to see them again.



I first saw Tissue Culture supporting The Chapman Family in June 2012- and they were good. They got a new drummer, and I ended up chatting with them and going to a few more of their gigs over the months that followed. They got better, and better every single time. Age doesn’t matter, but it was crazy that these guys were knocking out absolutely belter tunes, and they were only 17/18 years old. You’d think they’d been pro for years. Their EP, ‘Saint Waleric’, was released in October 2012, and it has 5 incredible songs on it. Check it out, and check them out. They’re going to be big.  



I first saw, and heard of, LULS when they supported Spector in Hull in September 2012. It was only a short set, but trio made a huge impact, especially on me. Their debut single, ‘Young’, has a steady beat but erupts into an incredible, anthemic chorus. I look forward to hearing more of them, and hopefully seeing them live again soon. 



I’ve got my Dad to thank for introducing me to Embers, and I really do thank him. A lot. Many of the bands I love are from Manchester, but these guys have got the potential to knock everyone else out of their place and become my number 1. They’ve caught a lot of people’s attention with their self-released double A-side ‘Tunnel Vision’ and ‘Sins Unknown’, and with their self-produced videos. They’re certainly a creative bunch, and I think 2013 is going to be an incredible year for them. I really hope I catch them live at a small venue soon, before they become huge!

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